what is the whole roll?

The Whole Roll is a YouTube Channel highlighting entire unedited rolls of film curated from interesting & influential photographers around the globe. It is a resource for photographers to see the potential performance of a given film stock, camera, or lens. Additionally viewers see the creative process of the artist, perceiving their work as objectively as possible considering every video is created under the same same format.

Why should I submit my work?

Putting the art aside for a moment, submitting to The Whole Role is a way to advertise yourself and your work. We will have any and all links to your portfolios and current endeavors in the description. Additionally your name will be in the title of the YouTube video. The video along with the links and a custom written biography will give you recognition by both humans and robots (Followers/Clicks/Customers & Backlinks).


What if my roll is approved?

If your submission is approved you will receive an email (within 7 days of your entry) containing instructions to help us create and publish your video. This includes a short form we will use to gather your information that will be placed in the video description. The final stage before publication will be a private video link with a complete description you can approve or edit.


what is the whole roll format?

A video containing all unedited images in a single roll of film, 3 seconds each, no graphics, no audio.


Will the videos contain ads?

No. The Whole Roll videos containing artists submissions will contain no ads before, during, or after the video.


Will The Whole Roll profit from my submission?

Video descriptions will contain a few content-related affiliate links tied to The Whole Roll. Each approved entry takes around 3 hours for The Whole Role Admin research the artist, write a short biography with SEO optimization for keywords, gather links, edit the video, approve with the artist, schedule, and publish. The Whole Roll may also include links to other websites it’s affiliated with relating to photography, this information will be displayed professionally and discreetly.


Who owns the rights to my work?

You do. You will own all the rights to you work but need to give us permission to use it in The Whole Roll video we create featuring you.

We cannot & will not:

  • Sell your photos
  • Use your photos outside of the video you approved
  • Make additional advertising videos with your photos
  • Alter your work (derivative work)

We will:

  • Have the video hosted on The Whole Roll YouTube Channel
  • Be able to embed the video anywhere a YouTube video can be embedded
  • Remove your video and give up all our rights at your request for a 10USD fee