Summary of Services

photography // startup consulting // videography & editing // website development


Education - Private photography lessons in film or digital for beginner, intermediate, and advanced users. 

Assignments - Commissioned work for journalism, art, and advertising.

Product Photography - for e-commerce websites, menus, catalogues, marketing material, and video.

Artist Portraiture - Press photos, publications, web sites, blogs, professional profiles.

Beauty + Fashion - Modeling digitals, headshots, fashion shoots, portfolio building for models, designers, & stylists.

Business Portraiture - On location, individuals, staff profiles, publications, professional profiles.

High Value Items - Photography promoting the sale of vehicles, property, jewelry, & rare items.

startup consulting

Businesses - Logistics consulting for those opening a video or photography department. Equipment purchasing, production operations, data management, inventory management + more. 

Individuals - Equipment consulting for individuals ready to purchase a camera for personal or professional use. Tailored equipment list to satisfy personal needs and budget.

Hiring Assistance - Interview / Resume consultation for those without the professional background to recognize the abilities of potential hires for their photography or video needs. 

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videography & editing

Education - Private videography & editing (FCPX & Premiere) lessons for individuals tailored to desired field. 

Full-service - Produce video from concept to deliverable; planning, shooting, and editing. 

Interviews - Full-service interview production for businesses & individuals selling their service or product.

Cinematography - Short films, feature films, documentary, & YouTube professionals

Video Editing - Video editing of existing footage from personal iPhone video to professional 4k shoots. 

Startups + Entrepreneurs  - Full-service production of pitch videos & Kickstarters for investments and product launches.  

B2B - Custom graphic templates for businesses with repeat clients or branding, ensure consistency across multiple editors with custom programmable FCPX (animated) generators such as lower thirds.  

website development

Business Services - Promote your business with a modern, efficient, and informative website. For restaurant owners, retailers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and freelancers.   

E-commerce Store - Create a full service e-commerce store from hosting to website design, item import, inventory management, payment gateway, and fulfillment.

Portfolios - Promote yourself with a comprehensive, creative, and impressive display of your work. You're already good at what you do, you just need others to see it.

Platform Transfer - Need to move your Shopify store to Squarespace for a better aesthetic, need to move your Squarespace store to Shopify for better inventory management?